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                Vertical Inkjet Cutter
                Hit:1672    Add times:2018-08-13

                Main Features

                Exclusive Software Algorithm,Machines Print more Precisely,Lines are Clearer Without Gratings and Horse Disks,Greatly Lower Fault  Rate
                Independent Output Management Software,Guarantee The better Connect of Machine and Computer

                Hidden Heads of Ink and Knife

                If The Machine Stops Abnormally,The Position Will be Recorded Automatically

                Online Automatic Printing in The Queue

                 Technical Parameters

                Product Model





                Maximum Printing Width





                Ink Type

                2 spray/4 spray HP universal ink cartridge HP45/6145A

                Printing Density

                300-600D (optional ink-saving mode)

                Printing Capacity

                200-230 square meters/hour (four-jet)

                Line Quality


                Software Fompatibility

                HPGL(special format can be customized)

                Paper Feeding

                Precise paper feeding technology,invisible digital coding induction system

                Paper Loading

                Front paper receiving and placing system

                Paper Receiving Mode

                Automatic collecting or no-collecting printing to fast print a large number of patterns and save paper loading time

                Host Structure

                American all-metal high-rigidity wear-resisting structure to ensure the life of the machine is 5 times higher than similar production

                Intelligent Ink Car

                Automatic origin record,servo control,ink consumption monitoring,no seams,clear lines

                Paper Requires

                General paper(30g-250g)

                Input Voltage

                AC220/110V 60HZ power is not less than 400W

                Communication Port

                USB/interface  shared printing

                Command Format


                Note: the above parameters are subjected to change without prior notice. If there is any doubt, please call for consultation.

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