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                DK Series
                Hit:1622    Add times:2018-08-13

                Main Features
                Continuous Feeding System
                Independent Operator-Touch Screen Control
                Various Scissors/Punching Devices
                Digital Image Cutting Positioning System
                Mordular Partition Table and All-alumnium Profile Fuselage
                Imported Servo Motor/Drive System
                Remote Wireless Remote Control Operating System
                Intelligent Suction Zoning System

                Technical Parameters





                Cutting Window

                (Fabric Scope)




                Overall Dimension(mm)




                Materials Fasten

                Vacuum Adsorption

                Max Cutting Thickness


                Cutting Materials

                Flexible Materials(Knitted Fabrics, PU, Leather, Sponge, Hard Materials, Cardboard, PVC Board,Various Fiber Composite Materials, etc

                Cutting Speed

                100mm~1200mm/s (Speed Varies According to Cutting Materials)

                Pen Type/Knife Type

                Milling Cutter, Nicking Tool, Drill, Pen

                Repeatability Precision


                Communication Port

                USB/RJ45 Ethernet, Shared Folder Print in LAN

                Buffer Memory Size

                1M/8M/32M(Can butter more than 1 page)

                File Formats

                DXF/HPGL/HPG/PLT Formats Compatible

                Control Panel

                Color Multilingual Touch Screen

                Feeding Way

                Roller and Crawler Feed Automatically

                Supply Voltage

                AC 220V/380V±10%, 50Hz

                Fuse Value


                Working Environment

                Temperature: 0~40℃ or 32~104℉; Humidity: 20%--80% RH, No Condensation

                Location Mode

                Cross Laser, CCD Positioning

                Power Consumption

                The Control Part is 2.2KW/h, and the Vacuum Part is 2.2-7.5KW/h

                Application Areas

                Garment, Shoes-Making, Bags, Furniture, Automobile Decoration, Advertising, Box Cutting, etc

                Note: the above parameters are subjected to change without prior notice. If there is any doubt, please call for consultation.

                Contact Tel/Fax:027-83566125
                Domestic marketing:15327282217
                After-sales service:13387528411
                Foreign trade department:13387534276
                Email:Domestic:whgmkj@189.cn  Foreign:bay229229@gmail.com
                Addr:Huangpi district of wuhan city international airport airport industrial park south road on the south
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